Campus eLockers on iPad

How do YOU embrace the smartphone, tablet and social media era?

Wander around your University or College Campus and you can’t fail to observe the ever-increasing amount of ‘smart’ devices being used by both staff and students. Modernising your communication approach to enable combined technologies can dramatically enhance learning and teaching both in and out of the classroom.

Campus eLockers™ provides a simple, effective bridge between existing university technology systems and mobile devices.

Mobilize and modernize

Campus eLockers™ allows an institution to propel existing infrastructure and systems into the tablet and smartphone era.

With Campus eLockers™, a college or university can quickly and easily extend their existing network infrastructure, allowing offsite access via our iPad, iPhone and Android Apps or our simple drag and drop HTML5 Web Interface.

Campus eLockers™ integrates with most popular learning platforms and course management systems, including Moodle™ and Blackboard™